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Making sure you hit all the right elements is key and this tutorial will show you how when you use the iLobby platform.

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“I think this site is a really good idea. I think this site is definitely made to benefit the silent majority. This would be one way that users can actually feel like they are making a difference and their opinions matter.”

Cameron L. (NY-20)

“The site is very intriguing as it seems a more cost-effective way to ensure the voice of the small business owner is heard. I really like the concept.”

John G. (IL-10) Constituent # 363256A

“As a young adult I feel that our generation does not matter to the government whatsoever. At least this is some way to voice an opinion that might actually be heard.”

Mike K. (WI-03)

“This is for any American who believes they can change the system. Great idea! Lobbying is more effective than protesting or signing petitions. Protesting is totally co-opted by the very people they’re supposed to be protesting against. ”

Jackie T. (WA-07) Constituent # 373605B

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