A Simple  Alternative To Solve Policy Issues 

Giving the Power To The People And Not Just Large Corporations. Available For All Forms Of Government: Local, State and Federal.

It Is Really Easy.

You Simply...

1 Select Your Issue

All online in a easy to read and watch format. You will find many of the hot topic issues as well as issues that affect your community. 

2 Up Vote or Down Vote

Choose Issues/Bills You Agree With And Those You Disagree With. Your Votes Always Stay Anonymous.

3 Voice Your Opinion

Let Others Know How You Believe We Should Solve The Issue. But Be Aware You Have 180 Characters and 3 Times To Respond Per Issue or Bill. 

4 Share The Campaign

Announce To Your Friends, Family And Coworkers On How The Issue/Bill Affects You. The More People Who See The Issue/Bill Will See The Positive And Negative Sides And Access If They Agree With It.

5 Invest In The Campaign

Behind Every Bill, Requires Man Power To Ensure That Every Congress Person Is On Board To Pass A Bill/Law. Investing Clearly Shows The Commitment Of How Passing Those Laws Positively Affects The American People.

Voting With iLobby Vs. Signing A Petition

Voting With iLobby


We want the American Citizen to fully understand every part of the laws and change those that do not work. 

Follow Through

We ensure our Issue/Bill Data and Funds are given to each of the correct corresponding congress people.


Be the first pioneers to revolutionize laws and governance. We empower you to set the grounds for each Bill/Issue.


Anyone can fund your campaign so the financial burden is not on one person but is crowdsourced.


We have the process down to know what needs filing for the government and agencies.


Signing A Petition


Only data is collected. Does not allow creativity, change or flexibility of law writings. 

No Follow Through

Once it is signed there is no more interaction until the issue is put on the ballot.

No Voice

You cannot offer your opinion on possible solutions and be involved in the law writing process.


Normally one person or organization pays for a campaign to be advertised and pushed forward.

Takes Forever

It takes a lot of time and effort to find people to sign a petition or get signatures for being placed on the ballot.


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We want to revolutionize voting and how bills and laws are created


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We want to revolutionize voting and how bills & laws are created

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John Thibault

Here’s How to Change a Law and Influence Policy in Under 60 Minutes…

If you are frustrated by politics, but you don't know think there's a way to make a difference, discover how with iLobby.co there really is an easier way. It doesn't have to be complicated and you don't need to be a political science major to get started. You can find a way to move forward to begin to improve your community, influence the country, and impact the world.


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