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Your 7-Day Challenge 

Navigate Your Issue and Chart Your Own Course to Policy Success!

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You think we're living in stormy political times?

Like most voters, you want to see real change but you may not realize that sometimes changing the politician isn't the answer. Sometimes, you have to change the law.  Now, for the first time, this is your opportunity to really dive in and get something done. How?

  • Learn what your real policy issue is
  • Discover how to clarify your mesage
  • Build your personal story
  • Gain the confidence you need by knowing how to pitch your issue and your cause

That's what you will learn in this new, 7-day challenge.

"Navigate Your Issue" is based on my #1 international bestseller, How to Change a Law.

So, don't sit there thinking nothing can be done.

If you are frustrated by policy inaction and disappointed by the choices your leaders are making, then this could be your first step to making real change and leaving the crazy insanity behind forever.

But don't take my word for it. 

Here's what readers are saying.

“A solid explanation of the practical realities of influencing legislation, along with a guide to using iLobby to do so.”

Excellent!!! For all the people that say my individual voice doesn't count, read this and understand that each individual does count!”

“I think the book should be part of the required curriculum for government classes at the high school and college level."

“This is a one-of-a-kind book all in its own category. John really knew what he was doing and went above and beyond the call when he wrote this book.”

“This is a must read for anyone frustrated by the state of politics today. I think that includes most of us.”

So don't sit around and blame your leaders or bash the other side.  Go get a FREE copy of my book and learn how you can begin to be involved.

Improve your community, influence your country and impact the world. 

What are you waiting for?