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How To Fix Issues In Your Community


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Sometimes you try to get away, come to this sort of semi-large mountain cabin thinking that you'll be able to not think about work, get away how good time, get some skiing in, see how life goes, but you're, you're entrapped, you know, you can't stop the old mind from working 24 hours a day.

So you'll wake up with ideas, go to sleep with ideas. You wonder, you know, what you can do or who's going to communicate with you next. It just, it's ongoing. It's amazing. But that's just how it is, I suppose.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I think this is a good time of year to think about what ideas you have for debates and what you think you might want to get done and what we want to do here at iLobby... We want to offer you the opportunity to be able to take something and really bring it to fruition and we want to help you move things forward.

So if...

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Policy Platform


You know, I think some people think that policy is really tricky and difficult and I actually don't think it is.

I have been looking at this for a long time. I've mentioned in the past that I used to work in government affairs at MCA, which is the... was the parent to Universal Studios at the time, and worked in government affairs and we talked about and structured things working with lobbyists, politicians, senators, congressmen really, you know, everybody.

And it was Hollywood and Washington, Hollywood and Washington. Figuring things out. And what I realized over time was that, you know, I was at a point where I, I remember meeting Senator Feinstein and Orrin Hatch who's retiring this year and other folks and they would talk about foreign affairs and defense and healthcare and trade. And I thought, man, these people are brilliant. 

But what I realized is they had a policy platform and once you have a policy platform in place and you understand the key issues that are driving...

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Crowd Wisdom

crowdsource democracy Apr 29, 2018

One of the concepts we have is that we are very smart. We have answers to everything, but then we can't get it out, but in reality when you look at it, we're not as individuals, as smart as we are as a community.

Now people have said this in lots of different ways, but what it really amounts to is the resources we have from the past, the books, the knowledge, the information, all of that we can get from other people and that's the whole point of "We're not as smart as many of us."

I forget who said that or exactly how that particular saying goes, but the idea is that if you have enough people and you pull them together, you're going to have a community of interests where you know what you want to get done. You're clear on what you want to get done and you have the input of lots of other people who really help you move forward and that's the idea behind sharing your ideas and being able to debate in an open forum where more people can help you get your issue moved ahead. 


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Overwhelmed by Politics?

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2018

You know, sometimes what holds us back, I've been thinking about this, is it's really a fear. It's a fear of ignorance that we don't understand.

We don't have the knowledge. It's complex and I totally get it. I mean you and I and most people, we can't keep up with all the issues. If you read The Hill or the Washington Post, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or any of the major papers or Politico, you realize you're getting the blow-by-blow kind of Entertainment Tonight version of what's going on.

It's hard to convey the depth of what's happening on a deep policy level, but then you also think, as I used to do and many people do, you think that the politicians must know absolutely everything. In reality they have a high level understanding, which I've talked about. They have a template that they structure in terms of being clear on their policy platform and the elements that go into it, which we will talk about in our training on iLobby. 

It's important for...

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The Passionate Mindset that Drives You

issues scorecard Mar 30, 2018

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Hey, I know a lot of people do crazy things on videos and they do it because they want to get attention. It's funny; you get a lot of views. It's great, but I think that might not be my style.

I'm just not sure, but I do know that what I want to talk to you about a lot this month perhaps is the Policy Mindset Scorecard, which really has to do with the kind of person who has a particular mindset about change. It's fascinating.

People want to change themselves, they want to improve their community, and they want to have a better life. You want to have a better score, you want to move up in life, and that seems to be something that everybody aspires to and we hope that we do that for our kids. We want them to get a good education. We want them to do well, get into a good school. 

I mean that goes on and on, you just can't ignore it. So one thing I've noticed is we don't have a really simple clean way to...

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Help Me, Help You!


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We came up here to the mountain so that the kids could ski. So we live in San Francisco area, but, I came up here to Utah actually, it's Deer Valley so the kids can go skiing. You can go skiing anywhere, but what I've found is it's actually much less time to just fly up here from the bay area than it is to drive to Lake Tahoe.

Anyways, we wanted to give you this opportunity if you have an idea for a debate or an issue that has been burning that you really want to think about it, that you really want to get done. This has given me a little bit of time to just think about what are the primary issues that people are focused on as we go into the new year and part of it, of course, is thinking about what your key issues are, what the issues are in your community, things that you think are important, things that aren't getting done. 

And what I want to do is say, look, instead of...

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Guns – Burning Issue

guns issues Mar 26, 2018

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One of the burning issues I have is this issue that we all have something we want to express. Yet we find it so difficult to get to the point where our emotions really come together with our intellect for us to move forward on an issue.

And I would say in the past week I have had more people come to me talking about gun violence and what has and hasn't happened. I personally, 10 years ago had my nephew who was an officer shot and killed in the line of duty and just two weeks ago one of the parents who goes to the same school as ours told me about through Facebook, how her niece was shot in a random act of violence back east.

And then we had the senseless shooting in Florida, which reminded us of Columbine and I couldn't help but remembering the Majority Whip Steve Scalise who was shot at the baseball game last year. And then also Gabby Giffords, the Representative in Arizona.


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Chet Campanella Story


Mistreatment of Italian Americans in WWII

iLobby Debate

How can you help? You can help by sharing Chet's story, sharing his debate and voting on his debate using the red or green buttons.

Listen to the iTunes Podcast to learn more.


 Chet's Story of Struggle

This issue in our nation's history is one that can be forgiven but never forgotten. House bill H.R. 1706 asks for a grant of $3,000,000 from the Secretary of Education to be used strictly to educate the American public about the mistreatments of Italian Americans during WWII. In addition to this, H.R. 1707 asks for a formal apology from Congress on behalf of the U.S. government for the mistreatments.


Shortly after WWII began, 600,000 Italian immigrants in the U.S. were classified by the government as "enemy aliens". Our government thought that these people might show sympathy towards Italy and try to aid the enemy during wartime. These people were subject to horrible mistreatments by the government as...

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Who Do You Blame In Politics?

congress scorecard trump Mar 19, 2018

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So what I have to say is Trump is not your problem. The president is not your problem. 

The problem is not external to you. The problem is internal. Here's the problem.

You don't have persistence, commitment, energy, realistic realism, the resources. You don't have the internal strength of what it takes to make a change in the policy. That's what the president is dealing with. That's what senators are dealing with, that's what Congress is dealing with all the time. They're dealing with how do we make an effective change to solve problems.

So what we want to talk about this year and this month is why don't you rate yourself, take the time, do the scorecard, figure out where you stand, and it's not about a particular issue, it's not about a particular politician, it's really all about what are your inner capabilities as you go forward, do you have what it takes to begin to think...

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Have an Issue? Go Viral!

crisis debates viral Mar 12, 2018

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I  was thinking about the gun crisis and the opioid crisis and any number of them and in effect we call these debates and you probably hear this all the time thinking, well, what can I do and what I want to propose is that there's a very small thing you can do which is above and beyond the petition.

And that's really what I'm driving at. So it gets a little bit complicated and I don't want to dive into the weeds where you think it's so complicated that you really don't know what to do. But the answer is you know really pretty simple.

So for instance, if you decided that there was an issue and let's take the gun crisis or let's take the opioid crisis because they both stand out as dangers in our neighborhoods. So let's take either one of those. What you could do very, very simply is if there is somebody on the site on iLobby who has a debate related to that, you could...

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