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Political Advocacy Can Help Your Business

article business political Feb 12, 2018

Technology offers more ways than ever for Americans to interact with their government, yet the turnout for the 2014 midterm elections was the lowest in 72 years. Even though citizens can read bills online, email their legislators and follow politicians on Twitter, many opt out of the political process.

But apathy isn’t an option for forward-thinking CEOs. While the business mantra is “the customer is always right,” the addendum today is, “the government is always right...

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Why Small Business Should Lobby

article business lobby Jan 18, 2018

When persuading lawmakers to simplify regulations or adopt legislation you are fighting for, as a small business you face three choices.


  1. You can sit on the sidelines
  2. You can petition
  3. You can lobby

Most small businesses choose #1. You do nothing. You grumble and complain because you feel like you can't do anything.

The second option; you join an organization or trade association focused on a single industry or issue. You pay dues, sign petitions and promote your cause through...

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How To Debate

article Jan 11, 2018


Structurally speaking, debate has five main parts:

  1. Summary
  2. Position
  3. Arguments
  4. Rebuttals
  5. Conclusion

Most debates also have rules about its resources. These serve to act as constraints. They are: 

  • Time
  • Votes

The purpose of debate is to come to a decision about a complex issue or topic. This is important because once you reach a decision you're free to take action.

So debate is really a decision process tool.

Let me break down the five main parts.


The summary is...

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3 Ways Of Getting What You Want

article Jan 05, 2018

There are three ways of getting what you want in almost every area of life. You can petition, you can protest or you can persuade. Can it really be that simple? Sure. Take a look.

3 Ways


  1. Petition
  2. Protest
  3. Persuade


Ask nicely.

To get what you want you have to ask for it. Most of us know what we don't want and have a vague idea of what we do want. But we never really ask. Or we are afraid to. Why? Because when we ask we often fear our request will be denied and we'll be...

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A Glimpse Into Congress With Intern Tyler Scott


Tyler Scott grew up in Southern California. She wanted to do something great. She wanted to change the world. She worked as a philosophy tutor and then she got a job as an intern in D.C. for Representative and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-01) in the Whip’s Office.

You might remember the congressman. He was a victim of a shooting on a baseball field in the summer of 2017.

Most D.C. offices receive and respond to about 10,000 emails and letters a month and they only have a staff...

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Chet vs 6000 Lobbyists

wwii Dec 12, 2017

You might ask the question why are lobbyists able to get things done but the average person is not?

Well, they have three things going for them: message, mass, and money.

As outlined in the tax bill and in The Hill article they have a clear idea of what specific changes they want to see in the tax bill. They also have the money and resources to push that forward. But just because there are 6000 lobbyists, more than half of the lobbyists in DC working on this issue, does that mean they have...

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7 Policy Secrets : How Do You Get Politicians To Do What You Want?

framework guide policy secrets Dec 05, 2017

Getting issues solved in government can get sticky. Especially when dealing with all of the yellow tapes that surround each tier of government. This framework gives you an idea of what it will take from you to get your point across to your politician whether it be at a city, county, state or federal level.

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Hillary or Trump?

Generally the people who are the least empowered are the ones who are the most agitated and in need of the answer to the big question. Are you voting for Hillary or Trump?

I was questioned and pressed by a woman yesterday who took me aside and told me Trump was the worst possible candidate and Hillary wasn't much better. But, who will I vote for?



I told her it didn’t matter because a delegate in the Electoral College would determine the outcome. It didn't matter how many...

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How Your Trade Association Can Have Greater Political Impact

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2016

There are 90,908 trade associations in the country. With philanthropic and charitable organizations, the number rises to over 1.2 million [1]. In any event there are lots. Every trade association has a dual role: 1) to increase membership and 2) to promote the cause of the organization.

Your association relies on its members and other activities for funding. But it has an untapped and overlooked hidden stream of potential advocates that it could use more effectively.

As a leader of a trade...

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Politics Is Boring, Trust Me On This

congress democracy politics Mar 14, 2016

"I hate politics. I don't understand Congress. And I have no idea about who to vote for in the election." That's what I used to say until the political gene turned on in my late 30's.

For me, politics was boring and nobody cared. Congress was just a bunch of guys in Washington and they were going to do whatever they wanted to anyway. Besides it didn't affect me.

So my position was I'd just vote for the candidate who seemed like a rock star and had the best curb appeal. The media and the Party...

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